NATO’s transport aircraft move land forces to the eastern flank of Europe

Multiple strategic and tactical air transport platforms belonging to NATO nations have been extremely busy moving land-based units to its Eastern flank in the past week.

Aircraft included in the combined efforts of transporting allied troops from the Euro-Atlantic area comprised C-17s, C-5s, A330 MRTTs and C-130s. Chartered aircraft were also involved in the effort, although it is not confirmed what charter company’s and aircraft type were utilised.

Polish Air Force C-130 moving US troops from the UK to Lithuania. USAF

These transport movements contribute to approximately 22,000 allied land forces under NATO’s command. Many of these forces are in countries such as Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia.

These efforts augment NATO’s presence in the region close to the ongoing Ukraine crisis, enhancing speed, responsiveness, and flexibility of the alliance’s defence.

USAF C-17 moving supplies and troops to Amari Air Base, Estonia, where USAF F-35s are currently based. USAF

Lt Gen Pascal Delerce, deputy commander, Allied Air Command, said: "Allied Air transport aircraft are key in enabling the rapid movement of troops and supplies, allowing NATO to position its forces effectively during the evolving crisis.

"These movements underscore the Alliance's cohesion and readiness to ensure the security of all member States," Delerce added.