New aircraft for Bodenplatte incoming

Following the release of the latest update of IL-2 Sturmovik Bodenplatte, 1C Game Studios (1CGS) has revealed that four new aircraft will be released in the next update at the end of September: the P38J-25, Tempest Mk.V, B-25D Mitchell II and P-51D-15.

The company said the P-38J and Tempest Mk.V are almost complete and are due to enter beta testing imminently. The 3D model for the B-25D is finished and work continues on the texturing, turret animations and the flight model. The P-51D is in a similar stage of development with the focus on the cockpit texturing and flight model.

The Rhineland map for Bodenplatte is progressing well and 1CGS is working on the new Career timeframe ‘Battle of Rhineland’ in parallel. Some of the main features which will be introduced are complex pilot fatigue modelling, multiplayer mode, improved AI manoeuvring and better visual modelling of distant aircraft and ships. Aircraft flying at high altitude will have contrails and ships will leave visible wakes. 1CGS concluded:

“The Bodenplatte project is at the final stage and nearing release. Numerous changes and additions to be seen in the final version are more or less close to being finished.”