New Dreamliner for X-Plane Incoming

The FlightFactor development team has revealed they are working on the 787 Dreamliner for X-Plane.

According to chief developer ramzzess, the 787 Pro is the first in a series of models in the next generation of FlightFactor's Professional series.

Ramzzess explained: "The Pro series will expand horizontally to give users more experiences in and around the flight. More details will be published soon, but suffice it to say, the FF Boeing 787 will conquer new heights in complexity, usability and variety of features. Work on 3D and texturing is also being taken to the next level with ever more detail in and out of the cockpit."

Version 2 plans for the other FlightFactor aircraft are simultaneously in development, but more information on those projects will be released at a later date.

Below are some early preview images of the FF 787 Pro.