New home confirmed for 1920s flying boat

A Curtiss Model F Seagull, currently at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum, has been acquired by a museum in Montreal

Ingenium, the company that oversees Ottawa’s Canada Aviation and Space Museum (CASM), has announced that its Curtiss Seagull is heading to the Montreal Aviation Museum in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec. The aircraft will be moved in the coming weeks where it will continue to be on show to the public while being preserved in a safe environment.

The departure from CASM is part of its current commitment to prepare for the arrival of a CC-115 Buffalo from the Department of National Defence. The museum is also putting together a new Cold War exhibition, and in doing so needed to revise its arrangements for existing aircraft displays. In a previous statement, Ingenium said: “This includes a rigorous collection review, which involves recommendations to deaccession an artifact or object when it no longer fits the scope of our national collection. As part of this review, it has been decided that the Curtiss Seagull will be deaccessioned from the collection.”

The wooden flying boat has been part of the collection since 1968, and was restored by the museum's conservation team between 1970 and 1974. Thankfully, it has a secure future at the Montreal attraction.

The Curtiss Model F Seagull is on its way to a new home
The Curtiss Model F Seagull is on its way to a new home CASM