New look for Belgium’s A109BAi helicopter demo team

The Belgian Air Component rolled out a new, colourful paint scheme for the demonstration aircraft of its Agusta A109BAi single-ship helicopter display team at Beauvechain air base on January 28.

The aircraft – serial H46 (c/n 0346), callsign ‘Razzle Blade’ – has received its new, contemporary livery as part of the Belgian Air Component’s efforts to further engage with the country’s youth. The A109BAi demonstration team will be used to represent Belgium at national and international air shows through 2021, providing that the situation with the global COVID-19 pandemic allows such events to take place.

A109BAi [Belgian Air Component]
The Belgian Air Component rolled out a new special scheme for the demonstration aircraft for the A109BAi single-ship helicopter display team on January 28. Belgian Air Component

In a press release, the Belgian Air Component said: “During air shows in Belgium and abroad, the members of the [A109BAi display] team act as ‘ambassadors’ for our country and its air component… Except for demonstration flights, the team is the first point of contact for young people. During these numerous national and international meetings and through the interest it shows in aviation and technology, young people often consider Defense as a potential employer.”

The aircraft’s striking new paint scheme features a splintered white, black and grey urban camouflage base layer, with artwork of a wolf present on both sides of the helicopter’s rear fuselage. For the 2021 air show season, A109BAi – serial H46 – will be piloted by Commander Aviator Jo Jacobs and Commander Aviator Stijn Stoenens. The aircrew will be backed by a ground team that will ensure the aircraft is well maintained throughout the 2021 season.

A109BAi [Belgian Air Component]
Up close with Agusta A109BAi - serial H46 (c/n 0346), callsign 'Razzle Blade' - and its new livery for the 2021 air show season. This angle offers a good look at the wolf artwork that has been applied to the aircraft's rear fuselage. Belgian Air Component

Belgium’s A109BAi demonstration team is currently scheduled to participate in Belgian Air Force Days at Florennes air base (June 26-27) and the Sanicole International Airshow in Hetchel (September 10-12). The team will also take part in various events that have been organised to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Belgian Air Component, although those activities were not revealed by the air arm.