New look for shopping and dining at Schiphol

The airport says its new approach will allow it to offer passengers a distinctive Dutch experience  

Amsterdam Schiphol has unveiled a new positioning strategy for its retail and catering outlets, which includes more of a focus on the online and offline shopping experience as well as reinforcing a Dutch look and feel through the use of the colour orange. 

Alongside the new colour scheme, according to the airport, traditional and surprising Dutch products and brands will be on show, with experiences such as the Rijksmuseum and NEMO being more actively advertised.  

Photo Amsterdam Schiphol

The new branding can be seen in the terminal as well as online channels such as the airport’s dedicated shopping website, that has been redesigned in the new style. Passengers can also browse through and reserve products from their home through a new click and collect service, launched in June. 

The airport’s senior marketing and customer experience manager, said: “We want to position shopping at Schiphol in a way that reflects the current trends, in which experience, internationalisation and online are playing an increasingly important role. We are extremely proud to have designed a shopping experience with a look that Dutch citizens will recognise and that offers unique encounters with Dutch icons that international passengers will enjoy.”