New owners sought for US classics

A pair of American classics have been listed for sale

Well known US broker Courtesy Aircraft Services has recently announced the sale of two American thoroughbreds – Douglas DC-3A N33644 and North American AT-6G N80942.

Built in 1941, the DC-3 was originally intended for United Airlines, but was impressed by the AAC for the war effort and used throughout Canada and Alaska to haul supplies for the Alaskan Highway. When hostilities ended, the machine returned to Douglas Aircraft and was placed back into airline service for Western Air Lines. It left airline service in the 1960s and has since been owned by several collectors. It’s currently painted in a smart Western Air Lines livery (see below).

Douglas DC-3A N33644
Douglas DC-3A N33644 Courtesy Aircraft

The AT-6G, which is based in Ashland, Kentucky, is a remanufactured example of the legendary wartime trainer. Following an extensive three-year restoration it was returned to service in 2010 – this included a complete inspection of engine mount, fuselage tubular, fuel tanks and bays, hydraulic system, wiring and hardware. It’s fitted with a P-51 steerable tailwheel and a smoke system.

North American AT-6G N80942 is also for sale
North American AT-6G N80942 is also for sale Courtesy Aircraft

A remarkable ‘three Harrier package’ is also still for sale via Courtesy Aircraft. It comprises airworthy Sea Harrier FA-2 N94422, Sea Harrier TMK-8 (one of only 46 first generation Harrier trainers built) and a GR.3 which is described as ‘very complete’ and an ‘excellent source of spares’. With thanks to Courtesy Aircraft Services

A view inside the DC-3A’s cockpit
A view inside the DC-3A’s cockpit Courtesy Aircraft