New Raptor Hotas Controllers Incoming

Contact Sales and FR-Tec have collaborated in a partnership agreement to launch a new range of Raptor Hotas controllers, aimed at flight simulation.

New Raptor Controllers Incoming

Contact Sales MD Robert Stallibrass said: "This new Raptor range from FR-Tec sits comfortably between high-end priced models and cheaper versions."

The FR-Tec Raptor Mach-2 Flight Stick is specifically designed with the combat element in mind and is very suitable for the likes of Elite and combat-style simulations, although it works with other flight simulators. The recommended retail price is £114.99.

The HOTAS Combo pack features the Raptor Mach-1 Flight Stick and Throttle and will retail for £149.99. The Mach-1 Flight Stick, whilst not quite as sophisticated as the Mach-2, still offers a wealth of features, making it suitable for all simulators. The Throttle, with its ergonomic design, will allow for hours of gaming in comfort. The Throttle is also available separately for £49.99.

Stock will arrive in the UK in September 2021, with a planned release date of October 8.

Contact Sales has produced three showcase trailers for the Raptor range: