New Spitfire documentary is must-watch TV!

Have you been watching ‘Inside the Spitfire Factory’? The second episode airs at 9pm, Monday October 5 on More4 – don’t miss it! 

On Monday October 5, the second episode of ‘Inside the Spitfire Factory’ will be shown on More4. The series focuses on the extensive efforts made by those working at the Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar in Kent to restore the beloved Spitfire. 

Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar
The inside of Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar.

Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar is situated on the grounds of the former RAF base-turned-private airport and is owned by former pilot and aviation enthusiast Peter Monk. As well as keeping the passion alive within the family by employing his own son as an engineer, Peter employs many more engineers, office and maintenance staff who work tirelessly to bring life back to the aircraft they restore. Having started off with just one restoration project in Peter’s back garden, Biggin Hill Heritage Hanger is now home to seven Spitfires, a Hurricane and several other warbirds which all occupy a double hangar. As well as restorations, Biggin Hill offer the unique experience to paying customers of the opportunity to fly in a Spitfire. 

Greek Spitfire Restoration
Restoration of the Greek Spitfire. 

One of the most recent restorations executed by the team at Biggin Hill was that of a Greek Spitfire. The restoration is featured in the programme, with the first episode having focussed on the construction of the main fuselage. Unbelievably, during the episode the employees of Biggin Hill met George Dunn, a veteran who flew Spitfires in Greece following the war. Checking his logbook, George confirms that the aeroplane being restored is the exact one he flew. Key.Aero interviewed George about his experiences during the war, which you can find here

In the second episode, audiences will be set to see George as he takes back to the skies. As well as this, there will be many more treats in store as engineers continue the fascinating restoration of the Spitfire.  

Biggin Hill Lineup.

Tune in to watch ‘Inside the Spitfire Factory’ on More4 at 9pm, Monday October 5. 

Pictures courtesy of Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar and Leigh Chatten Photography.