New survey reveals potential summer rebound for UK holidaymakers

Results suggest that passengers would be happy to adapt to a post COVID-19 world, with regular testing and proof of vaccinations

A national survey commissioned by London City Airport – consisting of responses from 2,100 people – shows that there is a strong desire to travel both domestically and internationally once restrictions are lifted.

The study followed the Prime Minister’s announcement which laid out plans for easing lockdown restrictions. It was issued to build upon the spike of new bookings made by the British public since February 22.

Results from the analysis also concluded that people were happy to adapt to a post COVID-19 world, with three quarters of the respondents stating they would accept obtaining a negative test before travel.

London City Airport
Photo London City Airport 

Three quarters of those who took the survey also said that they would carry proof of vaccination records if it meant they could travel. Amongst the over 65s, 89% would accept this whereas the percentage was lower for 18–25-year-olds (67%).

It was also identified that short-haul flights are more appealing than long-haul – with 55% of frequent flyers preferring Europe and the Mediterranean.

Meanwhile, this trend is supported by 71% of respondents who believe that travel should be allowed between the UK and other countries where COVID-19 is under control.

Robert Sinclair, CEO of London City Airport, is pleased with the new government roadmap, however he hopes that the new promise to lift travel restrictions in May isn’t “another false dawn”.

“After the weakest first quarter that anyone in the industry can remember, the survey results show that the Prime Minister’s roadmap has given British people hope again and it is very pleasing to see that so many see travel as a priority as restrictions are eased.

“And when this is achieved, I would anticipate another surge in bookings that will not only be a huge shot in the arm for the industry but demonstrate that we can finally begin our recovery,” he added.

It is hoped that from May 17, international travel will be able to recommence with the opportunity to gain popularity throughout the summer months.

In preparation, the airport has an airside testing that offers all required arrival and departure testing for UK and global markets and will continue to offer safe, careful and speedy journeys for passengers.