New York John F Kennedy out now

Welcome to the Big Apple

With the legendary TWA Hotel recreated in detail, multiple custom jetways with decals and the AirTrain JFK train system included, these additions add to the overall atmosphere of the airport and will make you feel as though you are experiencing the hustle and bustle of JFK first hand.

The landside area comes with custom signposts, vegetation and parking barriers.
The landside area comes with custom signposts, vegetation and parking barriers. iniBuilds

JFK is the primary international airport serving New York City and is the busiest international air passenger gateway to North America, consisting of five active terminals containing over 130 gates.

The terminals feature interior modelling.
The terminals feature interior modelling. iniBuilds


  • Hand-made ground textures with crisp, bespoke texture sets (runways, aprons, paths, roads)
  • True-to-life airport landside recreation with custom ground decals, signposts, vegetation, parking barriers and more
  • Accurately modelled and positioned dynamic airport lighting
  • Highly detailed models of all airport buildings, objects and surroundings
  • Up-to-date airport layout reflecting the current, real-world location
  • Custom-built jetways with realistic variations using PBR texturing and animations, including gate number toppers
  • Fully animated JFK AirTrain between each terminal
  • Accurate representation of the famous Canarsie approach
  • Level of Detail (LOD) optimisation for every model to ensure the best performance possible
  • Use of the latest MSFS SDK features to allow for the best optimisation and performance possible
  • Custom static aircraft
  • Full iniManager compatibility to configure your scenery for the best possible performance for your system
  • Bespoke taxi signage as it is in the real world.

New York JFK is available on the iniBuilds website for £19.99.