Nieuport flies again in Netherlands

The Lelystad, Netherlands-based Early Birds Foundation’s Nieuport 28C1 replica, PH-NIE, flew on 5 April with Arie Bogaerds Jr at the controls, a full 22 years after it first arrived from the USA. The machine was previously N6256 with Frank Ryder, who based a large collection of World War One replica aeroplanes at Guntersville, Alabama before his death in the crash of a Piper PA-46 Malibu in December 1994.

The Warner Scarab-powered machine came to the Netherlands during 1996. It wears the markings of the aircraft flown in 1918 by Lt Kenneth Lee Porter, an ace with the 147th Pursuit Squadron. The unit had the rat terrier as its symbol, its motto being ‘Who Said Rats’.

Nieuport 28 replica PH-NIE flying over tulip fields in the Flevopolder near its Lelystad home base on 18 April.