Civilian UH-1 Lifts Off in X-Plane

Nimbus Simulation has announced the civilian version of the UH-1 helicopter for X-Plane 11 is out now.

This version has all the features of the military UH-1 but adds new accessories and a firefighting module that will enable you to fight fires, creating a whole new experience for helicopter pilots.

It comes with a high-quality 3D model with 4K PBR (Physically Based Rendering) textures, high, medium or low skids and a float version. A high-quality professionally recorded soundset and vibrations are also included.

Nimbus Simulation civilian UH-1 helicopter for X-Plane 11

Other highlights are an authentic systems simulation along with handling and flight characteristics based on real-world performance charts.

Chose the equipment you want to be installed on your helicopter: firefighting, crop dusting, medical, hoists, modern or classic radios, basket, a bubble window, and modernised tail are some of the options available.

An optional maintenance module introduces wear and tear. With time and use and depending on how you fly, the mechanical components will degrade and performance will be affected.

The Civilian UH-1 is available on for $37.95. Costumers of the military UH-1 receive a 40% discount.