Notodden Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Orbx has released ENNO Notodden Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Quickly following on from the successful release of his Ålesund Vigra, developer Finn Hansen brings to life this delightful general aviation airfield located in the south of Norway.

Brimming with charming details, ENNO covers both the airport and the nearby town with plenty of POI and off-airfield areas to explore. Continuing the theme of other recent Orbx releases, Notodden is a major upgrade of the original Prepar3D version, featuring updated textures, complete PBR (Physically Based Rendering) effects and many other small changes and improvements.

An unusual feature of the airport is the mid-runway road crossing on Runway 12 - one of the few in the world. Watch out for the occasional vehicle crossing when on short final.

Notodden is available on OrbxDirect for AUD$17.99 (US$12.82/€10,86/£9.86).