NS 430 GPS Added to DCS

Eagle Dynamics has announced that the NS 430 GPS navigation and communication system is now available as a 3D cockpit instrument for the Mi-8MTV2 and the L-39 and as a 2D mouse-interactive pop-up window for most of the other DCS aircraft modules.

The 2D pop-up window (not currently VR-compatible) is available for all aircraft that don’t have a modern navigation and communication system. This allows you to use the NS 430 for many aircraft, including those from World War Two, the Korean War, Flaming Cliffs/Modern Air Combat and others. As a special bonus for those who have purchased the NS 430 for the Mi-8MTV2, Eagle Dynamics is offering the 2D popup window version for free.

Prices are as follows: DCS: NS 430 Navigation System for L-39С Cockpit: $5.99 (£4.50 approx)

DCS: NS 430 Navigation System for Mi-8MTV2 Cockpit: $5.99 (£4.50 approx)

DCS: NS 430 Navigation System (all other aircraft): $10.99 (£8 approx)

In addition to the three separate options mentioned above, the following two bundle deals are also available to purchase: NS 430 for the L-39 and Pop-up Window and NS 430 for the Mi-8MTV2 and Pop-up Window – each retailing for $14.99 (£11 approx).

For more information visit the DCS shop at: http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/shop/modules