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Key numbers for the two C Series variants

Air Baltic’s first CS300 YL-CSA (c/n 55003) arriving at its Riga base on delivery. This variant has 3,300nm (6,112km) range.
Air Baltic


Length:114ft 9in (35m) Height:37ft 8in (11.5m) Wingspan:115ft 1in (35.1m) Wing area: 1,209ft 2 (112m 2 )

Fuselage max diameter:12ft 2in (3.7m)

Base take-off weight:121,000lb (54,885kg)

Max take-off weight:134,000lb (60,781kg)

Base landing weight: 112,500lb (51,029kg)

Max landing weight:115,500lb (52,390kg)

Max payload:33,350lb (15,127kg)

Range:3,100nm (5,471km) Take-off distance (at base take-off weight):4,000ft (1,219m) Landing distance (at max landing weight):4,450ft (1,356m)

Seats:108 dual class (first at 38in/965mm pitch; standard at 32in/812mm) 120 standard single class (32in/812mm pitch); 125 high-density single class (30in/762mm pitch); 133 maximum (28in/711mm pitch) Cargo volume:838ft 3 (23.7m 3 )

Cargo weight:8,000lb (3,629kg)

Max cruise speed:470kts (871km/h)

Normal cruise speed:447kts (820km/h)

Engines: Two Pratt & Whitney PurePower PW1519G each rated at 18,900lb (84.1kN) thrust

Data: Bombardier Commercial Aircraft


Length: 127ft (38.7m)

Height: 37ft 8in (11.5m)

Wingspan: 115ft 1in (35.1m)

Wing area:1,209ft 2 (112m 2 )

Fuselage max diameter:12ft 2in (3.7m)

Base take-off weight: 132,000lb (59,874kg)

Max take-off weight: 149,000lb (67,585kg)

Base landing weight: 124,500lb (56,472kg)

Max landing weight:129,500lb (58,740kg)

Max payload:41,250lb (18,711kg)

Range:3,300nm (6,112km) Take-off field length (at base take-off weight):5,000ft (1,524m) Landing distance (at max landing weight): 4,800ft (1,403m)

Seats:130 dual class (first class at 36in/914mm pitch; standard at 32in/812mm); 140 standard single class (32in/812mm pitch); 150 highdensity single class (30in/762mm pitch); 160 maximum (28in/711mm pitch)

Cargo volume: 1,116ft 3 (31.6m 3 )

Cargo weight:10,700lb (4,853kg)

Max cruise speed:470kts (871km/h)

Normal cruise speed:447kts (829km/h)

Engines:Two Pratt & Whitney PurePower PW1521G with 21,000lb (93.4kN) thrust, or PW1524G with 23,300lb (103.6kN) thrust, or PW1525G with 23,300lb (103.6kN) thrust

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Delta Air Lines is set to operate more C Series than any other airline after its 2016 order for 75 CS100s.
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