Oostwold Airshow postponed until 2023

Oostwold Airshow in the Netherlands will not return until 2023 as the organisers wish to avoid 'restrictive measures.'

The organisation expects that there is a good chance that the public will only be able to visit larger events in the Netherlands in 2022 with a 'Corona pass'. Every visitor aged 13 and older, at indoor and outdoor events where a distance of 1.5 meters is not guaranteed, must be checked at the entrance.

As a result, the organisation has made the decision to postpone the event until 2023.

"At an air show, where there are no fixed seats and there is no flow of visitors, a corona pass remains necessary."

Ootswold Airshow warbirds in action. Koos Boertjens

Tom van der Meulen, the event organiser, said: “We cannot guarantee that the public can keep sufficient distance from each other during our well-attended event. So we have to check everyone at the gate. Something I don't want to experience as an organiser. The uncertainty that we will still have to deal with restrictive measures next year has played an important role. Of course it starts to itch more and more. I am eagerly looking forward to finally being able to put on another fantastic event. But is should be accessible to everyone.

"We have postponed the decision to move the 'Oostwold Airshow' for a long time. We actually expected and hoped that we would organize another great event next year. The decision has now been made, partly because we as an organization have been receiving various questions lately, especially from the accommodation sector. In addition, we also want to clarify to our visitors, exhibitors and marketing partners that from now on we will focus on the 11th edition of the 'Oostwold Airshow' on May 28 and 29, Whitsun 2023."

Ootswold 2
Ootswold Airshow wingwalkers in action. Koos Boertjens