Hammerfest for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Located above the Arctic Circle, Hammerfest is one of the northernmost cities and a popular destination to see the midnight sun during the summer months when there is continuous daylight. In winter, the sun doesn’t rise above the horizon resulting in long nights and dark days.

The airport sports a challenging approach to a short, sloped runway located on a plateau above the city. Dash8-100s operated by Widerøe are the most common aircraft to visit Hammerfest coming in from destinations such as Tromso, Honningsvag and Hasvik.

The airport from Orbx comes with PBR textures throughout, an interior terminal model, custom static objects and circle-to-land lighting for Runway 22. The surrounding area includes custom ortho imagery, a mini-cityscape of Hammerfest and the nearby Liquified Natural Gas facility.

Orbx Hammerfest for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Key Features

  • Accurate depiction of ENHF Airport
  • High-quality PBR textures
  • Custom terminal interior
  • Crisp orthoimage surrounding Hammerfest
  • Custom mini-cityscape of Hammerfest
  • Detailed LNG facility
  • Custom approach lighting for RWY 22 (circle-to-land)
  • Custom Statics.