Meribel Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator Released

Scenery developer Orbx has announced LFKX Meribel Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator is out now.

Featuring all the little details that create a lively atmosphere, this charming destination has a challenging approach due to the surrounding mountainous terrain and the short runway. On top of that, the steep incline on the runway also presents a challenge in itself.

The package from Orbx has been developed to include intricate realistic details and high-quality modelling with the chalets and ski-lifts to bring this alpine destination to life. The scenery also features PBR (Physically Based Rendering) textures throughout and native ground polygons that react to weather conditions, including snow. Other highlights include a projected sloped mesh runway with the nearby golf course, custom cars/golf carts and authentic night lighting.

To mark the launch of Microsoft’s Word Update IV, Orbx is releasing Meribel with a 20% launch discount of AUD$10.39 (approx. £5.84). This discount ends on April 19, 5 pm UTC.