Orbx Products Announced for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Orbx has released details on its initial launch plans for the upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator.

 The Orbx team explained: "Orbx has led the way as a game-changing developer from the earliest days of FSX. Now, with the next-generation platform from Microsoft, Orbx is again pushing the boundaries and producing top quality content: our vision and passion for innovative products will continue to lead the way. The whole team is very excited to be working with the new Microsoft Flight Simulator, and we have devoted much time to explore its potential and features."

To support the new platform, Orbx will be releasing several products available at, or shortly after, launch. During the launch window, new products will be available for purchase at competitive pricing levels, ranging from US$7.99 to US$19.99 through both OrbxDirect and the Microsoft FlightSim Marketplace.

We are also happy to confirm that current owners of Orbx products running on FSX, Prepar3D, X-Plane and Aerofly FS 2 that are launched for Microsoft Flight Simulator will receive a 40% discount on those respective products (e.g., if you own London City Airport for Prepar3D or X-Plane, you will receive a 40% discount on London City Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator). As ownership needs to be validated, this discount can only be applied via purchases from OrbxDirect.

Explore the new Microsoft Flight Simulator with these exciting and immersive new products:

Available Soon: US$14.99. (US$8.99 for existing customers)

Orbx presents London City Airport - the first from its UK Team.

This classic British airport truly comes to life for Microsoft Flight Simulator!

Located a stone's throw away from Canary Wharf and the financial heart of the city, London City Airport is one of the last remaining true inner-city airfields. With one of the most exciting approaches in Great Britain, flying into EGLC takes you over the iconic centre of merry old London.

Experience the added immersion and realism that only Orbx can provide.

This is a must fly for all flight simmers!

Available Soon: US$7.99

Orbx has packaged together hundreds of iconic London buildings and landmarks for you.

Take flight over the city of London in Microsoft Flight Simulator, and enjoy the true British experience with this must-have pack of London’s most famous and treasured landmarks.

We have reproduced hundreds of key buildings and landmarks for you to enjoy as you immerse yourself in flight over the River Thames.

Explore the skies of London today!

Available Soon: US$17.99. (US$10.79 for existing customers)

Welcome to Yorkshire’s Airport. Another classic from Orbx's UK Team.

Set in the beautiful English countryside, Orbx brings you Leeds Bradford Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

This vibrant and exciting airport for pilots lets you take off in an A320 to your favourite Spanish resort, or try your hand at taking the Q400 to many main cities across Europe.

Surrounded by lush green fields and a small town, this airport offers incredible views from your cockpit on final approach.

A huge variety of airlines and aircraft types visit the airport on a daily basis, making it the perfect destination in the North of England. Journey across Europe and beyond from this classic English regional airport, rich in detail and features.

This superb recreation of this character-filled airport is brought to you by Orbx.

Available Soon: US$12.99. (US$7.79 for existing customers)

A Classic is Reborn for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Developer Andreas Hegi respectfully pays homage to one of the most memorable airfields that have graced the simulator since the days of FS9. Located in the largest of the San Juan Islands of the Pacific Northwest, in the northwestern corner of Washington state in San Juan County, KORS carries the spirit and charm of Orcas Island to beautifully render on the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. A completely new scenery that harnesses the latest technology of the new simulator platform, Orcas is the perfect home for all VFR flyers.

Enjoy the spirit and the charm that is Orcas Island Airport today!

Available Soon: US$12.99. (US$7.79 for existing customers)

Enjoy the spectacular views of Tacoma on Microsoft Flight Simulator, from our growing UK Team.

Orbx brings you Tacoma Narrows Airport, an impressive product for those that appreciate the finer details.

General Aviation pilots will soak in the exceptional vistas thanks to the natural beauty surrounding the airport and beyond.

The 5,000ft runway is the perfect length for GA aircraft, as well as private jets offering charter or air taxi services.

With plenty of parking spots on the ramp, grab some friends and do some exciting formation flying over a stunning region full of life and variation.

With Seattle-Tacoma International airport only 18 miles away, expect to keep busy in the skies around Tacoma Narrows airport as you monitor the frequency to keep clear of the main international traffic.

Enjoy the perfect excuse to fly across the region of Washington!

Available Soon: US$17.99. (US$10.79 for existing customers)

Welcome to Hollywood!

One of Orbx's most popular airports, KBUR Hollywood Burbank comes to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Acclaimed developer Matteo Veneziani brings you this comprehensive airport package, created with great care and incredible attention to detail for all simmers to enjoy. Being one of the primary airports of Los Angeles, experience this bustling destination in stunning high definition detail. From the iconic architecture of the terminal building, to the smallest details, no effort has been spared to recreate this famous airport. .

Take flight with Orbx and explore the skies of Tinseltown today!

Available Soon: US$14.99. (US$8.99 for existing customers)

Orbx presents the American Riviera.

Welcome to Santa Barbara for Microsoft Flight Simulator, set against the rugged backdrop of the Santa Ynez Mountains in Southern California.

The unique architectural style of the terminal really makes this airport stand-out, with various artwork and designs all faithfully recreated. KSBA is served by 5 airlines on a regular basis by CRJs, 737s, A320s and more, and is the perfect combination of airline and GA destination. With its main 6000ft runway and two 4200ft GA runways, it caters to pretty much whatever your favourite type of flying is.

Developer Misha Cajic brings to life this stunning SoCal location for all your flying adventures!