Our Top 10 Fictional Combat Aircraft from the Movies

From blockbuster franchises like the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) to one-off techno-thrillers like Firefox (1982), Hollywood has proven its ability to bring figments of aerial imagination to life on-screen.

Fictitious combat aircraft are often used to address and demonstrate capabilities that are beyond the technologies available today and can exist outside the constraints of real-world economic and political factors.

These imaginary aircraft often become characters themselves once they have been brought to life and can remain in the minds of many for years after their on-screen debut. From transporting teams of superheroes to fending off attacks from giant robots or rogue nations, fictional combat aircraft continue to excite audiences around the world!

This feature will detail ten of our favourite combat aircraft from the movies, which have been determined and ranked in terms of their individual capabilities. We have also added our determination as to how realistic it would be to see these individual aircraft in action in the real-world.


10 - X-Jet – X-Men (2000)

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