Overhauled Mi-24Ps

In 2015–2016, Russian maintenance, repair and overhaul company 150 ARZ (controlled by Russian Helicopter Holdings) was involved in the refurbishment and life extension of an undisclosed number of Mi-24P Hind-F helicopter gunships sold to Angola by Rosoboronexport. Work took place at the company’s Lyublino facility in the Kaliningrad enclave.

The Hind-Fs, drawn from Russian military stocks, had to undergo a deep refurbishment with the 150th ARZ before delivery.

Details emerged in another announcement that Rosoboronexport delivered four refurbished and life-extended former Russian military Mi-24Ps to Sudan. All four Hinds were overhauled by maintenance, repair and overhaul company 410 ARZ (also controlled by Russian Helicopter Holdings) at its Chita facility in Eastern Siberia.

Alexander Mladenov