Passengers of Overbooked Flight Sue Airline for £20k Private Jet Charter

Two passengers of an unnamed German airline have filed a lawsuit in a Düsseldorf court after they were bumped off an overbooked flight and organised a private jet charter to transport them to their destination. 

The two travellers had booked a flight between Dusseldorf and Palma de Mallorca and had an “important appointment on the island the following day,” according to their lawyer, Matthias Böse. 

“My clients then made inquiries about how they could still travel to Palma de Mallorca, ultimately they were transported to Mallorca in a charter plane at a cost of € 21,500. The airline refused to reimburse these costs out of court, so a lawsuit has now been filed,” Böse said.

Aviation Image Network/Simon Gregory
The private jet was chartered at a cost of € 21,500. Aviation Image Network/Simon Gregory

The pair’s lawyer says they arrived at the airport on time only to be informed that the flight was overbooked. They were subsequently handed a standby boarding pass and employees reportedly missed an opportunity to change the travellers’ booking to another flight that was departing shortly after the overbooked service. 

Following the completion of boarding, only a single seat was available. The two passengers also claim that the airline did not attempt to find volunteers, through announcements, to give up their seat in return for compensation. This process is stipulated under the EU’s Air Passenger Rights Regulations. 

Böse described the airline’s behaviour as “culpable and unlawful”.

The airline in question has not been named. If it makes a comment on the case, the story will be updated an appropriate.