PC-12 bespoke scheme celebrates the outdoors

Duncan Aviation Pilatus PC-12NG N822DA (c/n 878), based in Lincoln, Nebraska has received a unique livery designed to celebrate fishing and the outdoors.

The one-of-a-kind scheme was designed by the artist Derek DeYoung. He was commissioned by company chairman Todd Duncan, who has always had a passion for fishing. Duncan told DeYoung he wanted to look at the PC-12 and be reminded of a freshwater fish.

After discussing the technicalities of aircraft painting and evaluating different options, they decided on a final design that represents the Northern Pike. An iridescent purple nose fades into green with ivory spots that turn warm yellow towards the belly of the aircraft.

To prepare the design, DeYoung took a schematic of the PC-12 on his iPad and digitally painted the aircraft in 2D. Duncan Aviation’s paint department then had to model how it would look in 3D.

After receiving the artist’s renderings, paint layout technician Stacy Finch worked out the shapes that would fit the aircraft, and made stencils.

Duncan Aviation stated that: “The challenge with this paint scheme was getting the blends and fades the way they were intended while trying to keep the correct shapes and the artist’s concept true.”

Finch added: “We had to find a way to make the shapes and soften the edges as we went. It was challenging and took a little more time, but we were able to pull it off.”

The PC-12’s livery features 16 formulated colours. Eight more colours were blended together to help create some of the transitions and the high/low-light areas in the scheme.

For the PC-12’s interior the aircraft was given “a Western Nebraska feel with natural colours and leathers, with a small hint of the exterior scheme”.

Duncan Aviation PC-12NG N822DA (c/n 878) wearing its new bespoke livery.
Duncan Aviation PC-12NG N822DA (c/n 878) wearing its new bespoke livery. Duncan Aviation

Duncan Aviation manufactured bespoke conference tables, seat cushions, headrests and leg-rests for the aircraft, showcasing the company’s cabin-customisation capabilities.

Cabin retrofits are one of various services the company offers. Others include airframe inspections, engine maintenance, avionics retrofits, repainting and fabrication and manufacturing.

Duncan Aviation’s satellite facility in Denver, Colorado outfitted the PC-12’s flight deck with all-new Garmin avionics to provide pilots with more information, greater redundancy, and additional safety features.

Todd Duncan said: “For me, this was a heck of a lot of fun. We will have this aircraft for years to come, and we recognise the hundreds of team members who worked on the aircraft and turned a vision into reality. It’s just incredible.”