PC Pilot Issue 114 Downloads


DCS: AV-8B Night Attack V/STOL

The exciting DCS: AV-8B Harrier is currently available as ‘Early Access’ for DCS World, requiring DCS World version 1.5 or 2.2.

Our full and comprehensive review starts on page 12. We have a high quality trailer for you that shows off the awesome capability of this awe-inspiring aircraft.


IPACS’ Aerofly FS 2

Now that IPACS’ Aerofly FS 2 is out of ‘Early Access’, we decided to give it a full appraisal starting on page 20.

This accompanying video conveys not only the high graphic quality of the default aircraft, but also the high resolution detail and textures of the simulation’s surrounding landscape and airports.


MilViz FG-1D Corsair

We briefly covered MilViz’s FG-1D Corsair, designed exclusively for Prepar3D, in the news section of our previous issue.

Now you can read our full and detailed assessment of what we think of their rendition of one of World War Two’s most iconic and distinctive-looking aircraft. This promotional presentation highlights the extensive work that has gone into this truly feature-rich simulation and covers such things as the 3D graphics, cockpit lighting, weapons modelling and more.


IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover: BLITZ

As we reported in our previous issue, Team Fusion (TF) was working on an extensive overhaul of IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover: BLITZ.

This has now been released and we have an exclusive interview with Neil Pugh - head of marketing and publicity for TF, who has kindly given us a detailed insight into the project and the process involved in developing this major update. The team has produced an atmospheric and exciting video of CoD: ‘BLITZ’ which really highlights some of the new features of this work. Look out for the new special effects, improved landscapes and cloudscapes, the new Beaufighter, new winter terrain, tree collisions and much more.


MilViz DHC-3 Otter

In this issue we put the spotlight on a particular aircraft – the MilViz DHC-3 Otter.

Not only will you be able to read our review of this release, starting on page 52 but we have also featured it in our ‘Challenging Airports’ (page 56) and ‘Flight Adventure’ (page 60) series. The aim is to give you a better appreciation and understanding of the simulation and the aircraft’s qualities and capabilities. This video highlights some of the product’s main features. (By the way, watch out for the Squirrel at the beginning.)



RAZBAM AV-8B Night Attack V/STOL Tutorials

The following practice and training missions for the AV-8B were kindly supplied by avid simulator pilot, gamer and animator/3D artist, RedKite.

The missions are for DCS v1.5.8 and come with different spawn points for practicing various scenarios.

These include:
• VTOL on land/carrier
• Air-to-air refuelling in both straight line and orbit
• Air-to-ground weapons range
• Sidearm range
• Air-to-air target range
• Airborne TACAN practice target.

The training mission can be downloaded from the following link:


Bush Pilot Adventure - Flying the MilViz de Havilland DHC-3 Otter

This issue, we complement Chris Frishmuth’s review of the MilViz DHC-3 Otter by taking it for a bush pilot wilderness flight adventure through the Copper River region of Alaska.

The route takes us from Cordova/PACV, north up the Copper River to visit some settlements, before returning via Klutina Lake and Thompson Pass. These flights are pure VFR – no flightplans, no ATC – just you, your aircraft and the Alaskan wilderness! Peter Stark has kindly provided additional Pilot Notes, optional flights, charts etc.

Bush Pilot Adventure Pilots Notes Download


Once again we have a collection of high quality freeware files for you to enjoy. These aircraft, scenery and utilities easily compare with many commercial products but don’t forget, if you’ve enjoyed a particular file please let the author know. It’s their only payback! By the same token we’re always interested to hear from you if you’ve downloaded or designed a file that you think is worth sharing.

By Joe Lavery


Although the authors of these files have very kindly given us their permission to include them on our website, they still remain the property and copyright of the authors. You are free to enjoy them for you own use but they must not in any circumstances be distributed, copied, uploaded to any other websites or disassembled in any way whatsoever.

Featured Download

With this issue we step aboard a modern jet fighter in the form of the sleek Eurofighter Typhoon. The Typhoon is manufactured by a consortium of Deutsche Aerospace (Germany), Alenia Aermacchi, Airbus and BAE Systems. It was originally designed as an air superiority fighter even though later production aircraft were increasingly better equipped. It was able to undertake air-tosurface strike missions and carry a greater range of munitions than originally envisaged. Some military aircraft are purely functional and look more like flying trucks than aircraft. And I suppose it could be said that what they look like is totally irrelevant, but I believe the Typhoon, like the F-16, is a beautiful aircraft and a credit to its designers.

You can elect to carry a variety of ordnance.
The external modelling is first class.
Lots of detail and a working HUD within the cockpit.

The model shown here was designed by Dietmar Loleit and, like its real world counterpart, is quite a complex machine, so if you’re expecting a ‘punch-the-starter-andgo’ type of aircraft, you’ll be disappointed. That’s not to say it’s overly complicated, it simply means that the author has tried to make the simulation as realistic as possible. To help with this there’s a very comprehensive manual, (over 70 pages) with full instructions on the installation and how to manage all the onboard systems. It’s a commendable undertaking for one person, particularly with the unique features the author has included.

The package includes the aircraft model in single-seat and two-seat configurations with a virtual cockpit (VC) and a 2D panel. I’m told it was designed and developed according to the technical documents, descriptions and pictures currently available.

Author: Dietmar Loleit

Platform: FSX

Eurofighter Typhoon Download

Star Performers from the Internet

VVCI - Hai Phong Airport

Hai Phong Airport also known as Cat Bi International Airport is located in northern Vietnam. It’s yet another airport designed by the Vietnamese Aviation group.

Author: Vietnamese Aviation group

Platform: FSX

VVCI - Hai Phong Airport Download


Qantas Boeing 787-9 V5L

Camil Valiquette is no stranger to this section of the magazine. He has created many fine aircraft in the past. In this issue we have his latest Boeing 787-9; a new jetliner in the Quantas livery. It includes CamSim’s own static displays and Animated Ground Servicing.

Author: Camil Valiquette

Platform: FSX

Qantas Boeing 787-9 V5L Download


Bombardier CSeries CS100

Here we have a new passenger jet built from scratch by Hongming Zheng. It depicts the Bombardier CSeries CS100 aircraft and includes the liveries of Swiss HB-JBA, Test Aircraft FTV1 C-FBCS, and Delta Air Lines.

Author: Hongming Zheng

Platform: FSX

Bombardier CSeries CS100 Download


Dragon Peaks AFB (AW56), South Africa

AFB Dragon Peaks is a small airfield nestling between the hills on the slopes of the Northern Drakensberg of South Africa. It was designed by Kobus van Wyk and includes almost 100 hand-placed autogen buildings and more than 32,000 hand-placed autogen trees.

Author: Kobus van Wyk

Platform: FS2004

Dragon Peaks AFB (AW56), South Africa Download


Little Navmap

This is a new release of Little Navmap, where the database can be updated by Navigraph. The author has also included a cycle 1707 base dataset in the download which was kindly granted by Navigraph.

Author: Alexander Barthel

Platform: FSX, Prepar3D and X-Plane

Little Navmap Download


Percival K2 Vega Gull

Keith Paine created this model of the Percival K2 Vega Gull. It’s a logical development of the Percival D3 Gull. The Vega Gull was enlarged to accommodate four people in a side-by-side arrangement.

Author: Keith Paine

Platform: FSX/FS2004

Percival K2 Vega Gull Download


Paris Le Bourget Airport

Paris Le Bourget Airport is located 12 kilometres southeast of Paris and is primarily used by business jets but can easily accommodate A380s or large cargo planes. Designed here by Dmitriy Kozyrev.

Author: Dmitriy Kozyrev

Platform: FSX and Prepar3D

Paris Le Bourget Airport Download


P-51H Mustang version 3

The ultimate version of the Mustang was the P-51H. It was the fastest variant to see service. It was also one of the fastest piston-engined fighters to enter production during World War Two. The fine aircraft presented here was designed by AF Scrub.

Author: AF Scrub

Platform: FSX and FS2004

P-51H Mustang Download