PC Pilot Issue 121 Letters

Air Wales Virtual

Dear PC Pilot,

My name is Steffan and I am the head of operations at Air Wales Virtual (airwalesv.org), which, by the way is not affiliated in any way nor sponsored by any real-world airline. It is a VA based in Cardiff Airport, Wales EGFF and we fly a modern fleet of aircraft with our own liveries. We offer pilots flights all over the planet to as far as Hong Kong or as close as Swansea airport. We offer three main sections in our airline (with plans to expand more): main airline, charters and connect. Our main airline operates the Dash 8, 737, 757 and 787. Air Wales Connect gives pilots the chance to fly the Saab 340 alongside a single Dash 8. Our airline is growing at a steady rate with many active pilots and many partnerships including VATSIM, UK2000, FS2C and the official partner VA, with an X-Plane-dedicated community.


We are a very relaxed airline with no minimum requirements and no minimum hours per month flown needed. You fly what you want, when you want and however much you want, which is why Air Wales Virtual is becoming very popular and recognised in the flight sim community. We have a discord server, Facebook group and many airline events planned which makes this airline very community-driven. People chat daily on our discord server, not just about flight sim but just general everyday things which gives it a very relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. The staff team (including myself), are very active in improving the experience for our pilots. Alongside this, we have a very easyto- use website and crew centre, with our own version of smartCARS by TFDI, making it very easy and stress-free logging flights. On a personal level, I’ve been a long-time reader of PC Pilot and really enjoy reading it. For more information, please visit http://airwalesv.org/v1/

Thank you very much. Steffan Dawe, Head of Operations

South West Flight Simulator Group

We are based at Ipplepen Village Hall, Devon TQ12 5SB and hold monthly meetings on Sundays 9.30am to 3pm. Our next meetings will be held on April 14, May 19 and June 23.

We have a full range of interests, skills and hardware and new members are very welcome.

South West Flight Simulation also runs two ATC-led online flights each week. Fly with us to find out why we are consistently the busiest FS host group.

You can find details of SWFSG meetings, news, NOTAMS and our 24/7 SWFS server and TeamSpeak 3 servers on http://swfsg.blogspot.co.uk/

Many thanks, Rory O’Neill


Combat flight simulation

Dear PC Pilot

I’ve been a long-term reader of PC Pilot and look forward to every issue. However, one thing that I think is perhaps lacking in the magazine is adequate coverage of combat flight sims. I’m sure there are many like me who not only fly civilian-based sims, but also have an interest in the military side of aviation, particularly with respect to aerial combat. So would it be possible to have a regular section in your magazine dedicated to combat-related subjects, in the same way that you have for airliner and GA flight simmers - for those who also like to take a walk on the ‘wild side’? Hopefully yours, Patrick Downie

PC Pilot

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for your email and your kind words about the magazine. I will certainly give your idea some thought, which I think is a good one, to see if we can accommodate your suggestion in some way. Cheers, Derek

Accessing the PC Pilot on-line content

Dear PC Pilot

As a subscriber to PC Pilot, I recently tried to access the web contents of the magazine but was unable to do so. I wanted to download the Pilot Notes referred to in Peter Stark’s Seychelles Flight Adventure in issue 120. However, in attempting to access the additional online content, I was asked to enter the “codes provided”.

Could you please advise where I can find the “provided codes”?

Kind regards,

Bill Wright


PC Pilot

Hi Bill,

Sure, no problem. If you go to https://pcpilot.keypublishing.com/the-magazine/ online-content/ and enter the code 7960- 352706 you should be able to get access to all the online content for that issue.

For future reference, you can find this code in the ‘Downloads’ section in the magazine at the bottom of page 8.

Hope that helps. Cheers, Richard

Honeycomb Aeronautical: Alpha Flight Controls and Bravo Throttle Quadrant

Dear PC Pilot

Can you please let me know when Honeycomb’s Aeronautical Alpha flight controls and Bravo throttle quadrant will be available and do you know who will be selling them in Australia?

I am a flying instructor and Citation jet pilot and want a good flight sim for IFR currency.

I have set up an X-Plane 11 simulator with three screens and am presently trying to decide on a good control yoke and throttle quadrant. From what I have read and understand, the Honeycomb system seems to be the best on the market.

I am very anxious to get these but probably like everybody else, I am a little disappointed that they are not yet available. However, I guess they have to get things right before they release them. They do seem to be really good and probably worth the delay. Thanks for your help.

Kind regards,

Robin Wilcockson


PC Pilot

Hi Robin, Thanks for your email. We have it on good authority that the Honeycomb controls will be available in the near future, so as soon as we have more information we will of course let you know.

Cheers, Derek

Joysticks for FSX

Dear PC Pilot,

My trusty Saitek X45 is beginning to play up. Looking at the reviews of both Saitek X52 and X56, neither seems to come out very well. As a former army helicopter pilot, I have found the X45 plus CH pedals, with spring removed, to be adequate for my needs. What would you now recommend? Kind regards,Chris Wray


PC Pilot

Hi Chris,

That is a good question. Most joysticks are designed with a strong self-centring force. The only two controllers I have found to be most suitable for helicopter controls are the X56 joystick as you can remove the springs without too much effort. As for durability, I have had one for a few years and haven’t experienced any issues but other flight simmers have had different experiences, so I suspect build quality might be an issue. Based on that, I am hesitant to recommend it.

One of my favourite joystick units is the Thrustmaster Warthog and I have no hesitation in recommending that one based on build quality. It has a self-centring force but some users have removed the springs. I have not tried the latter myself but it doesn’t look particularly difficult if you are mechanically-minded as you can see in the following YouTube video:https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=aBMBR8M0z2E On the more expensive side, the Pro Flight unit from Aerosoft has proper cyclic/throttle controls but obviously at €1,500 it might be a bit expensive, so it depends on your budget. For more information visit the following link.https://www.aerosoft.com/en/hardware/ flight-simulation/instruments/1482/ pro-flight-trainer-puma-pas Finally, RC Simulations (https://rcsimulations.co.uk) makes dedicated helicopter controllers.

I am not sure about the price tag as I believe the company is currently developing a new product range, but it is worth giving them a call. The man behind the company is called Bob Sidwick and he is very knowledgeable when it comes to controllers. Hope that helps.