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Specially selected freeware and videos of flight sims reviewed in the September/October 2020 issue.

Issue 129 Online Contents Full Download

As requested by our readers, the complete file set accompanying Issue 129 can now be downloaded as a single zip file.

The videos are supplied as links to YouTube, we are unable to include them in the file due to limitations with file size.

If you are on a low-bandwidth connection, we recommend you download the files individually in the sections below.

F-15 (14)_0.jpg


Specially selected videos of flight sims reviewed in this issue

146 Professional Research trip - Just Flight dev team visit RAF Northolt

Here's a short video featuring flap, lift dump and airbrake tests that Just Flight development team carried out for animation and sound recording on the 146 Professional Research trip during a visit to RAF Northolt. The interview starts on page 12.

Just Flight's Fokker F28 Fellowship Preview video - Custom sounds

A short video showing off the custom sounds and PBR textures on the Fokker F28 @JustFlight .  This was taken in P3D. X-Plane version will also follow.  F28 due for release later this year. Read the full interview on page 20.

Just Flight’s Air Hauler 2

Join Duncan (aka Slopey) as he walks though starting a new AirHauler 2 company, buying an aircraft, and taking a short Cargo job from Dundee to Glasgow in a Cessna 172.  The return flight is a ad-hox Pax flight back to Dundee, and then a brief discussion about building a pasenger flight schedule for your company and scheduling passenger routes with AI pilots.  A review for this exciting package starts on page 24.

DC Designs F-15 C, E & I Eagle for P3D & FSX from Just Flight

This DC Designs collection for Prepar3D and FSX includes accurately modelled F-15C, E and I "Ra'am" Eagles, built using extensive research materials and designed for competitive frame rates on all systems. Bump and specular mapping are used throughout the aircraft to produce a truly 3D feel. The review starts on page 28.

Aeroplane Heaven - C-47/DC-3 Engine start guide

A short video tutorial on the correct way to start the new Aeroplane Heaven Douglas C-47/DC-3 for Prepar3d V4.5. For the review go to page 36.

UBSoft's Condor 2

The complete soaring simulator. Our review starts on page 44

Taxi2Gate Hong Kong V2!

The long-awaited return of Taxi2Gate is here, with a brand new update for Hong Kong, now compatible with P3D V4 and V5. Read the review on page 48.

Microsoft Flight Simulator - Pre-Order Launch Trailer

The next generation of Microsoft Flight Simulator is available on August 18, 2020. Here we have two videos showcasing the expansive environments from mountains down to roads, trees, rivers, animals, traffic, and more. From light planes to wide-body jets, test your piloting skills and experience the challenges of night flying, real-time atmospheric simulation and live weather in a dynamic and living world. Our in-depth interview with Microsoft and Asobo Studios can be found on page 52.

DCS: Supercarrier Preview Video

Eagle Dynamics released this preview video of the Supercarrier module coming to DCS World. The package includes an incredibly detailed Nimitz-class aircraft carrier with all the details you’d expect like realistic 3D objects, textures, lighting, and animations. This module also introduces new features into DCS World like an animated deck crew, interactive Landing Signal Officer (LSO) station, and CASE I, II, and III carrier landing radio communications. Read the review on page 70.

Thrustmaster Civil Aviation product range

Thrustmaster recently launched the TCA (Thrustmaster Civil Aviation) Flightstick Airbus Edition, the first in a new product line officially licensed by Airbus. This video showcases the upcoming products due for release later this year. The review of the TCA Sidestick starts on page 80.


Twin Comanche PA-30 Flight Adventure

The accompanying screenshots were taken flying the vFlyteAir PA-30 Twin Comanche in X-Plane 11, and Orbx Simulations Innsbruck/LOWI and Vienna/LOWW airports. Details on where to get these, plus charts and alternatives for FSX/Prepar3D, can be found in the Pilots Notes via the link below.

TITLE 1.jpg

Twin Comanche PA-30 Flight Adventure

Freeware Files

Once again, we have a collection of high-quality freeware files for you to enjoy. These aircraft, scenery and utilities easily compare with many commercial products but don’t forget, if you’ve enjoyed a particular file, please let the author know, it’s their only payback. By the same token, we’re always interested to hear from you if you’ve downloaded or designed a file that you think is worth sharing.

By Joe Lavery

Although the authors of these files have very kindly given us their permission to include them on our website, they still remain the property and copyright of the authors. You are free to enjoy them for your own use but they must not in any circumstances be distributed, copied, uploaded to any other websites or disassembled in any way whatsoever.

Library files
Most X-Plane users will know that many freeware airport designers make use of Library files to enhance their creations. Consequently, it’s important to read the documentation within each airport to find out which libraries have been used. These libraries need to be installed in order to experience these airports as the authors intended.

Star Performers from the Internet

Tribhuvan International Airport (VNKT)

Tribhuvan International Airport (VNKT) is the only international airport in Nepal. Located in the capital Kathmandu, it connects Nepal to more than 40 destinations in 17 countries. It’s also the major hub for Nepal Airlines, Himalayan Airlines, with other seasonal carriers including Buddha Air, which provides scheduled international flights to nearby Indian cities.

Tribhuvan  (3).jpg

Because of its proximity to Mount Everest, Tribhuvan is considered to be the starting point for the countless climbers who pit their skills against this colossal mountain. In fact, there are several daily flights to the equally famous, or should I say infamous Lukla Airport, known as one of the world’s most challenging airports. 

The version created here is by Kapil Gyawali for X-Plane 11 is outstanding, with elements that rival many commercial products. Most of the buildings are modelled in detail, with an absolute mass of aviation equipment and other paraphernalia scattered liberally around the apron. This super detailing extends beyond the airport boundaries as you will see from the accompanying screenshots.
Like most X-Plane scenery, the author has made use of libraries for many of the objects to be found within the scenery. It’s important that you install them all or the airport will not look as it does in my screenshots. In any case, X-Plane will soon inform you if you’ve missed one.

Author: Kapil Gyawali
Platform: X-Plane 11
Tribhuvan International Airport Download

Douglas DC-3S or R4D-8/C-117

R4D-8 - 2020-06-28 15.35.45.jpg

This is NOT a C-47 or a standard R4D, it’s a DC-3S or R4D-8/C-117! It resembles and is derived from a C-47/DC-3 but is an entirely different aircraft, sometimes called Super DC-3S, or Skytrooper. The model here was designed by Ron Norvelle.

Author: Ron Norvelle
Platform: X-Plane 11
Douglas DC-3S or R4D-8/C-117 Download

ASK-21E electric glider (fictional)

ASK 21  (5).jpg

This is a fictional electric glider based on an original Laminar Research model of the ASK-21E. The author Nhadrian has modified the textures and added a variety of new objects to enhance the glider further.

Author: Adrian Nagy-Hinst
Platform: X-Plane 11
ASK-21E Glider Download

Vought F4U-1A Corsair

Corsair  (5).jpg

Although the Corsair was designed as a carrier fighter, it was initially difficult to operate from carrier decks because of its poor low-speed handling and the difficulty of seeing over its long nose when landing. However, it ultimately became one of the most potent carrier-based fighter-bombers of World War Two. This nicely detailed model was designed by A F Scrub for FSX/P3D v3-v4.

Author: A F Scrub
Platform: FSX/P3D
Vought F4U-1A Corsair Download

Copenhagen Airport (EKCH)

Kastrup (1).jpg

This add-on currently includes Copenhagen Airport, Copenhagen City and high-resolution Ortho4Xp Google imagery for Copenhagen and eastern Denmark, including Malmo and parts of southern Sweden. Designed for X-Plane by Henrik Jonsson.

Author: Henrik Jonsson
Platform: X-Plane 11
Copenhagen Airport Download

McAllister Airport (KYKM)

McAllister  (1).jpg

McAllister Airport is located in Yakima, Washington. The scenery includes the Piper Cub factory with a detailed hangar, also the McAllister Museum of Aviation. The author Brett Delana suggests a bite to eat at Reno’s restaurant on the runway.

Author: Brett Delana
Platform: FSX/P3D
McAllister Airport Download

Piaggio P-166 Collection

Piaggio  (1).jpg

This package contains a native FSX conversion of all original Piaggio P-166 models developed for FS2002/2004. It includes 32 liveries, a virtual cockpit (no 2D panel), personalised sounds, manual, references and checklists. By Mario Noriega Fogliani.

Author: Mario Noriega Fogliani
Platform: FSX
Piaggio P-166 Collection Download

Mercedita Airport (TJPS) and City

Mercedita  (2).jpg

This scenery depicts the airport (PSE) and the city of Ponce, Puerto Rico. It features a highly detailed city providing a fully immersed visual experience. The airport terminal comes with custom animated jetways and HD ground textures, designed by David Rosado, PhotoRico Scenery.
Author: David Rosado,
Platform: FSX/P3D
Mercedita Airport and City Download

Republic XF-103 Thunderwarrior

Zue Republic (5).jpg

The Republic XF-103 Thunderwarrior is one of the missing aircraft in the Century Series fighters. It’s a high-altitude supersonic interceptor proposed by the US Air Force’s MX-1554 project in 1950. Designed here for FSX by Uenoshing.

Author: Uenoshing
Platform: FSX
Republic XF-103 Thunderwarrior Download

Reviews - Screenshot Galleries

To help give our readers a better appreciation of the products reviewed in this issue, we have compiled the screenshots accompanying some of the articles into a series of galleries.

DC Designs’ F-15C, E & I Eagle - Delivering a complete package

Publisher: Just Flight
Developer: DC Designs
Price: £26.99 by direct download
Website: www.justflight.com

Lionheart Creations’ Bellanca Super Viking - A delightful GA tourer

Developer: Lionheart Creations
Price: US$24.95 (£20 approx).    
Website: www.lionheartsimulations.com

Aeroplane Heaven’s DC-3/C-47 - Return of an old favourite

Developer: Aeroplane Heaven
Price: DC-3 $42.95 (£34 approx)
C-47 $38.95 (£31 approx)
Full bundle $64.95 (£52 approx)
Website: www.aeroplaneheaven.com

UBSoft’s Condor 2 - Discover the quiet beauty of flying like a hawk

Developer and Publisher: UBSoft
Price: €49.99 (£45 approx)
Website: www.condorsoaring.com

Taxi2Gate’s Hong Kong International Airport v2 - Taxi2Gate updates Hong Kong (Chek Lap Kok) Airport

Developers: Taxi2Gate
Publisher: SimMarket
Price: €30.00 (£27 approx)
Upgrade Price: €14.40 (£13 approx) inclusive.
Website: http://taxi2gate.org/

Eagle Dynamics’ DCS: Supercarrier - Eagle Dynamics raises the bar

Publisher and Developer: Eagle Dynamics
Price: $39.99 (£32 approx)
Website: https://digitalcombatsimulator.com

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