PC Pilot Issue 130 Out Now

The new November/December issue of PC Pilot has finally touched down, and as always it is loaded with exciting reviews, features and tutorials.


Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator is arguably one of the most anticipated flight simulators released to date. It is ground-breaking in terms of design, sporting a new cutting-edge graphics engine while streaming satellite data from Bing Maps to bring us almost a true-to-life representation of the planet...

oliXsim’s Lockheed Lodestar Model 18 - A classic of the 1940s

In this review we take a nostalgic look at a classic of the 1940s as we explore oliXsim’s Lockheed Model 18 Lodestar for X-Plane 11.

X-Aviation’s SR22 Series - The world’s best-selling GA aircraft

This latest release of the Cirrus SR22 from TorqueSim sets a new bar for the type in X-Plane and like its real-world counterpart, it comes packed with features....

Orbx’s London City Pack - London with extras from Orbx

The Landmarks London City pack was one of the first products released for Microsoft Flight Simulator by Orbx and overall a worthwhile addition to this magnificent sim.

Orbx’s Innsbruck (LOWI) - The Capital of the Tyrol

Another outstanding Orbx rendition of Innsbruck that sets the bar in terms of price and quality.

Team Fusion’s IL-2 Sturmovik: Desert Wings Tobruk - The desert air war comes to IL-2

A fine expansion and long overdue simulation of World War Two's desert air war.

Ugra Media’s DCS: Syria Map A stunning map for DCS World

A superb scenery area and theatre that provides an excellent foundation for mission and campaign builders.

Brünner Force Feedback joystick - A joystick modelled on the A320 sidestick

The increased fidelity and ability to tune your experience make the Brünner CLS-E Stick a fantastic product.....


Just Flight’s A300B4-200

In Part 1 of our interview with Just Flight, published in the previous issue, we discussed the work that the team had done on their 146 Professional. In this the second part of the interview, Just Flight’s head of development, Martyn Northall talks about the upcoming A300B4-200 airliner.

Just Flight/DC Designs’ Concorde

DC Designs, in partnership with Just Flight, recently announced that it was developing the Aérospatiale/BAC Concorde as an add-on aircraft. Thomas Haynes spoke to Dean Crawford, founder of DC Designs, to find out more.


Challenging Airports - Donegal, Ireland (EIDL)

The coastal airstrip in Donegal in Ireland features prominently in the Landing Challenges activities section in the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. Don a windproof rain jacket and join Chris Frishmuth in battling the often harsh conditions at Donegal Airport.

Flight Adventure - Airbus A320 family

Even in these times of restricted air travel, chances are that if you glance skyward, you will see a member of the Airbus A320 family flying overhead. With this ubiquitous airliner now holding the crown as the world’s most popular aircraft, we take a closer look at its rise as we fly some typical routes.


Back to Basics - Night Flying

In this new series, Peter Stark turns to the next phase of flying that may attract GA pilots – visual night flying. During this series, he explores the challenges of flying at night and demonstrates how to use flight simulators to practice the skills you may need.

Baron’s Combat Corner - Flying and fighting in the P-51 Mustang

Derek Davis discusses the attributes of the North American P-51 Mustang and why it has earned a reputation as the best all-round US fighter to have served in World War Two.

If that was not enough, this month’s online section features several videos and nine freeware files comprising a mixture of airports and aircraft.

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