PC Pilot Issue 132 Out Now

The new March/April issue of PC Pilot has finally touched down and as always, it is loaded with exciting reviews, features and tutorials.


Microsoft's US Update - An American Odyssey

In the second World Update for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the Asobo team has added a vast amount of data to the USA including improved digital elevation, new textures along with upgraded airports and points of interest.

Just Flight's 146 Professional - The ultimate STOL airliner

We take a look at Just Flight's excellent rendition of a classic British STOL airliner, the BAe 146.

Carenado's PA44 Seminole - One of the most prolific multi-engine trainers

With three relatively quick offerings in the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace, there is no doubt that Carenado is throwing its full weight behind seizing the opportunity to plant its flag on the shores of the fledgling MFS ecosystem. Welcome the PA44 Seminole.

Drzewiecki Design's Seattle Landmarks – Seattle, the home of Boeing

In this new release from Drzewiecki Design, we visit the city that hosts some of the largest tech giants in the world, is the birthplace of Bill Gates and home to the huge Boeing factories.

LatinVFR's Barcelona El-Prat and City Landmarks - A beautiful and vibrant city

We take a closer look at LatinVFR's Barcelona–El Prat Airport (LEBL) and some of the famous landmarks to be found in and around this beautiful city.

Orbx/FSim Studios' CYVR Vancouver International Airport - More than just an airport add-on

FSim Studios CYVR Vancouver International Airport has been released via the Orbx Simulations platform and proves to be much more than a mere airport add-on…

Aerofly FS 2's Airbus A320 - A default aircraft of payware quality

Recently, the Aerofly FS 2 A320 received a major upgrade and is now a quality payware-level aircraft for both the casual simmer and ‘grizzled’ veteran to enjoy.  Find out more in this review.

Orbx's Newcastle International Airport - A surprising revelation

In this review, we visit one of the busiest destinations in the north of England, the weird and wonderful Newcastle International Airport.

VSKYLABS' Robinson R44 Raven II - The world's best-selling general aviation helicopter

VSKYLABS Aerospace Simulations specialises in producing add-on aircraft for X-Plane. We see how the R44 Raven measures up.

Heatblur Simulation's DCS: F-14A - A new update for the DCS Tomcat 38 Aerofly FS 2's Airbus A320

In mid-November 2020, Heatblur released its late-model F-14A Tomcat into the wild. At the risk of maximum corniness – let’s ride into the danger zone!


Digital Aviation's CRJ 550/700 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

The CRJ 550/700 is the first complex third-party airliner expansion to be released for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator platform. We sat down with Hans Hartmann from Digital Aviation to find out more about the project.


A Flight Simmer's Guide to Microsoft Flight Simulator - New Series!

In part one of this brand new series on Microsoft Flight Simulator, Joe Lavery provides an overview of the new platform, discusses the world updates and how to install third-party add-ons.

Challenging Airports Samedan, Switzerland (LSZS)

We return to the deep mountain valleys of Switzerland to visit the fly-in ski resort of Samedan. Known as a playground for sports enthusiasts, a privileged few access the region via private and chartered corporate jets. While most of us might not be able to afford a single night in one of the exclusive mountainside resorts, we can take a crack at the journey to get there.

Flight Adventure - The DH.82A Tiger Moth

The de Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth still graces our skies almost 90 years after it first flew in 1931. While initially produced as a military trainer, it has gone on to be used in almost every conceivable facet of aviation. This issue, we'll learn about its history as we replicate the pilot training procedures used in the 1930s.


Back to Basics - Understanding and anticipating illusions

One of the biggest challenges that pilots face when transitioning to night visual flying is identifying visual and spatial illusions that may lead to disaster. In this tutorial, we learn that the key to flying well at night is to understand and anticipate these illusions and react accordingly.

Baron's Combat Corner – A Combat Report

In this instalment of Baron's Combat Corner, Derek Davis puts some of the theory that has been discussed over the past few issues into practice by using one of his memorable missions as a case study.

Building a 737 Home Cockpit - The Beginning

In this new series, Joe Lavery shows us how he built his full-size home-built 737 cockpit and will be offering some invaluable tips along the way.

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