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NZA Simulations’ Milford Sound Region

In our review of Milford Sound for Microsoft Flight Simulator, we fly a charter run that will see you depart Glenorchy (NZGY) at the head of Lake Wakatipu, track southwest to the nearby mouth of the Caples River, then follow the valley system in a westerly direction into the interior of the Hollyford Valley. Once the mountains open up to lush alpine rainforest, you’ve got pickups to make at the Hollyford Track airstrip (NZ34), the Olivine Hut airstrip (NZMF2), Pyke River airstrip (NZMF5), the disused NZMF6 airstrip, Hope River airstrip (NZ32), Cascade Lagoon airstrip (NZ31) before arriving at the larger Cascade Station (NZ35) to end the mission.

Suggested aircraft for the flight are the default Cessna Caravan, the de Havilland Beaver or SimWorks Studios’s Daher Kodiak. A .PLN flight plan file to help with GPS tracking can be downloaded here.

NZA Simulations’ ]Milford Sound Region

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