The robust but peculiarly elegant Caudron C510 Pélican SE-AGA will soon be moving from Sweden to southern France.

Caudron C510 Pélican SE-AGA has been acquired by French vintage aircraft enthusiast Frédéric Louis from an owner in Sweden, and will be transported during the spring from Ängelholm to a private airfield near Castelnau in south-west France, where restoration to flying condition will continue. Louis currently operates a former Portuguese Air Force DHC-1 Chipmunk, F-AZGO. The C510 Pélican four-seat cabin monoplane prototype first flew in September 1934.

Powered by a 140hp Renault 4Pei Bengali Junior engine, just 62 examples were built. This survivor was constructed in 1937 and briefly registered F-AOYC before, on 22 May that year, being flown to Sweden and registered as SE-AGA on 7 June for the Norrköpings Automobiloch Flygklubb. The machine was fitted out as an aerial ambulance, being in part funded by the Swedish Red Cross. The Caudron was also used for air experience flights, carrying no less than 2,500 passengers in 1937. By the time private flying was banned on 1 September 1939, SE-AGA had accumulated 470 flying hours.

During 1945 SE-AGA was sold to Svensk Flygtjänst AB, a company specialising in airborne target-towing and maintenance. It moved on to the Linköping Aero Club in 1951, where it was named Agaton. A succession of civilian owners followed, before the registration was cancelled in August 1958.