IN PICTURES: Allied Sky sees B-52s tour NATO states

Six US Air Force (USAF) Boeing B-52H Stratofortress long-range strategic bombers flew over all 30 NATO member states in Europe and North America on August 28.

The single-day mission – known as Operation Allied Sky – took place to demonstrate solidarity across NATO and was used as an opportunity to enhance readiness and provide training opportunities for alliance members. For the operation, the six bombers were split into two teams. The first comprised four B-52s that are currently deployed at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire, UK, which flew over the European NATO member states. The second team comprised two B-52s from Minot Air Force Base (AFB), North Dakota, which overflew the US and Canada.

Belgian F-16s + USAF B-52H [Belgian Air Component] #1
A pair of Belgian Air Component (BAC) F-16AM (MLU) Fighting Falcons - serials FA-86 (c/n 6H-86) and FA-89 (c/n 6H-89) - escort a USAF Boeing B-52H Stratofortress - serial 60-0005 (c/n 464370) - during Operation Allied Sky on August 28. Belgian Air Component via Twitter
Belgian F-16s + USAF B-52H [Belgian Air Component] #1
Belgian F-16AM (MLU) Fighting Falcons escort a USAF B-52H Stratofortress as part of Operation Allied Sky on August 28. The operation saw two teams totalling six bombers fly over each of NATO's 30 member states. Belgian Air Component via Twitter
Polish F-16 + USAF B-52H [Polish MoD - Piotr Łysakowski] #1
A Polish Air Force F-16C (Block 52+) Fighting Falcon - serial 4057 (c/n JC-18) - in formation with a USAF B-52H Stratofortress during Operation Allied Sky on August 28. Polish MoD/Piotr Łysakowski


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