Planes of Fame to build new facility

Chino, California-based Planes of Fame Air Museum is set to expand its theatre of operations, and will open a new facility at Santa Maria Airport

The new location, which will complement the existing base, is also in California but approximately 200 miles northwest of its main home.

A primary consideration behind the plan is the rapid increase in real estate development around Chino. A presence in Santa Maria will enable Planes of Fame to move a portion of its flying fleet to a less busy area, as well as open new facilities and further attractions.

It also hopes to provide an enhanced educational experience and showcase more of its collection of artefacts and memorabilia, much of which is not currently on public view.

The museum states: “Most visitors say what makes Planes of Fame unique and keeps them returning to the museum is our flyable aircraft and events. With that in mind, we looked for an airport and region that would ease flight operations. The airspace around Santa Maria Airport provides the open space required for flying demonstrations, practicing aerobatic manoeuvres, and offering aircraft rides. It also provides two runways and a large ramp that can support airshow operations.”

The museum has set up a new website to outline its long-term plans for the facility.

An artist’s impression of the planned Santa Maria base
An artist’s impression of the planned Santa Maria base PLANES OF FAME AIR MUSEUM