PMDG DC-6 Takes Flight in Microsoft Flight Simulator

PMDG's debut product for Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS), the Douglas DC-6 is out now.

The PMDG Douglas DC-6 has been built from the ground up to capitalise on the new simulation platform. It sports an entirely new aircraft model and cockpit, built with new technology and a fully featured sound environment. It also takes full advantage of the lighting models in MSFS, with many new features planned as Asobo adds them to the simulator.

According to PMDG, every surface in the cockpit is modelled in minute detail, down to dust particles, scratches on paint surfaces, wear spots on high-touch surfaces and thousands of other smaller details. A virtual crew feature is included to help newcomers operate the aircraft such as an automated flight engineer who will run the checklists, conduct checks, configure the aircraft's systems and manage the engine power settings.

PMDG DC-6 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

The aircraft can also be operated in full realism mode, utilising every switch, knob, lever and circuit breakers in the actual DC-6. A custom-written manual includes all performance charts and tables to help you manage every phase of flight. Realism settings can be tailored to simulate the intricacies of power management through fuel and mixture settings, oil pressure, cylinder head temperatures, supercharger operation, dynamic simulation of carburettor icing and hundreds of additional parameters using realistic procedures to avoid damage to the engines.

PMDG DC-6 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

PMDG has created 20+ tutorial videos on the PMDG Simulations Official YouTube channel to help you learn how to fly the DC-6 regardless of your skill level.

With a range of 4,000nm, the PMDG Douglas DC-6 can be used to re-enact both long and short-haul flights from the Golden Age of Civil Aviation.  No corner of the globe is out of reach, and you can choose to have your DC-6 flight deck equipped with GPS capability (or not!) to suit your flying tastes.

PMDG DC-6 for Microsoft Flight Simulator


  • Numerous free liveries are available via the PMDG Operations Center, which is included with your purchase
  • The package comes with both the DC-6A and DC-6B aircraft in multiple historical variations
  • Full documentation describing the aircraft, its systems and operation, along with flight planning data
  • Full tutorial and free access to online video tutorials via YouTube
  • Automated Flight Engineer to assist with flying and learning the aircraft
  • Multiple optional configurations to vary the complexity of the simulation
  • Compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator purchased in the Microsoft Store or on Steam
  • This product requires a live connection to the internet for installation.