Prepar3D Touches Down in Islamabad

Scenery developer, SimArc has announced Islamabad International Airport for Prepar3D version .4.4 and above is released.

OPIS (2).jpg

Islamabad (OPIS) opened on May 2018, replacing the now-defunct Benazir Bhutto International Airport. It is one of the largest destinations in Pakistan, serving approximately 9 million passengers every year.

The package from SimArc is compiled with the Prepar3D v4.5 SDK for optimum performance and visual detail such as high-quality ground textures, with PBR rain effects and terminal interiors.

Other features include animated SODE PBR jetways and windsocks, 2K textures and dynamic lighting with runway and taxiway lights, which turn on during low visibility. Support for VGDS (Visual Guidance Docking System) is also available using GSX Ground Services X with accurate stop positions for jetway docking and current AFCAD gate assignments.