Prototype aircraft tow tractors on trial

The prototypes of two fully electric aircraft pushback tractors are currently undergoing tests in Thailand. The new vehicles are the F1-280E and F1-340E models manufactured by Panus Assembly and powered by Danfoss Editron.

The prototype Panus F1-280E and F1-340E (seen here) tow tractors are being trialled in Thailand
Panus/Danfoss Editron

No performance details are yet available for the latter, but the F1-280E has a continuous power rating of 100kW, with a maximum power of 200kW and a 4,000rpm engine speed.

The project is part of the ongoing trend to introduce electric solutions to the aviation industry to reduce the level of global greenhouse gas emissions. The manufacturer calculated that 60 of the machines entering operation will save approximately 5,905 tons (6,000 tonnes) of CO2 annually compared with current diesel alternatives.