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US Taifuns

Evaluated at Wright Field after the war, Bf 108B FE-4610 received this high-visibility scheme with basic German insignia. It survives with the Planes of Fame museum at Chino.

Q Prompted by a letter from Dr Heinz- Dieter Schneider concerning Prince Bernhard’s Bf 108s in October’s Skywriters pages, Brian Dunlop is trying to track down how many Messerschmitt Bf 108 Taifuns arrived in the USA at the end of the war, and one in particular that appeared at Fairchild’s plant at Hagerstown, Maryland. He believes it was used by the company as a ‘hack’ before being destroyed/broken up and buried under a runway extension, but a friend salvaged the instruments — all except the Swiss Tissot type 12 clock, which Brian acquired.

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