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While it isn’t the biggest airline around, Virgin Atlantic certainly boasts plenty of character and has a fascinating history. This week we’re putting your knowledge of this quirky British carrier to the test – good luck!

Virgin Job Cuts

Question 1 of 10

1. When did Virgin Atlantic Airways (VS) start flying?


May 1983
June 1984
July 1985
August 1986

Question 2 of 10

2. Between which two airports was the inaugural scheduled service?


Heathrow and JFK
Heathrow and Newark
Gatwick and JFK
Gatwick and Newark

Question 3 of 10

3. Virgin was the global launch customer for what aircraft?


Airbus A330-200
Airbus A330-300
Airbus A340-500
Airbus A340-600

Question 4 of 10

4. What is the brand used by Virgin for its flagship airport lounges?


Red Rooms
Atlantic Attic

Question 5 of 10

5. When did the first Dreamliner join the VS fleet?



Question 6 of 10

6. Which fashion designer is the brains behind the carrier’s current crew uniform?


Vivienne Westwood
Stella McCartney
Jean Paul Gaultier
Victoria Beckham

Question 7 of 10

7. In 2012, Virgin formed an alliance with which US giant?


American Airlines
United Airlines
Delta Air Lines

Question 8 of 10

8. What was the sub-brand of the short-lived UK domestic airline which launched in 2013?


Virgin UK
Little Red
Virgin Express
Red Runner

Question 9 of 10

9. At Heathrow, where is Virgin’s usual home?


Terminal 2
Terminal 3
Terminal 4
Terminal 5

Question 10 of 10

10. What new aircraft type is due to join the VS fleet later this year?


Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner
Airbus A330-800
Airbus A330-900
Airbus A350-900

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