R-100 Airship's debut flight commemorated

The Airship Heritage Trust has issued a special set of ‘first day covers’ to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the first flight of the R-100 Airship.

On December 16, 1929, at around 0700hrs, Her Majesty’s Airship R-100 was walked out stern first from the shed where it had been built by the Airship Guarantee Co Ltd, a subsidiary of Vickers, at the former RNAS Airship Station at Howden, near Selby, Yorkshire.

Fifty-four people were on board, including Sir Charles Dennistoun Barney, the airship's designer Barnes Wallis, Nevil Shute Norway, plus personnel from the Royal Airship Works at Cardington, with Sqn Ldr Ralph Booth as captain and Major G H Scott as commander.

After warming her engines in the shed, the ship had been ‘weighed off’ with all aboard for this maiden voyage to the mooring mast at its new home of Cardington (Bedfordshire). The R-100 was ‘let go’ at 0753hrs and rose gently to 500ft, when its six Rolls-Royce Condor IIIB engines were re-started. The airship flew via York to its destination, arriving at 1330hrs.

To buy the cover see: https://www.airshipsonline.com/sales/R-100%20Commemorative%20Cover.htm

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