RAF Museum Lancaster Bomber Adopted by Chelsea FC

Premier League club gets involved in historic aviation as part of the RAF’s ‘Adopt an Artefact Programme’ 

Back in July, the ‘Adopt and Artefact Programme’ was started by the Royal Air Force Museum, who were offering over 50 objects for ‘adoption’ from the museum’s collection. Of these, 13 were historic aircraft.  

Lawrence Benny Goodman
Squadron Leader  Lawrence ‘Benny’ Goodman (left) and Petr Čech, Technical and Performance Advisor and Former Chelsea FC player (right). Source: RAF Museum 

Chelsea FC are the latest to get on board, having adopted the Lancaster in continuation of support shown by owner Roman Abramovich for the RAF Museum’s ‘Hidden Heroes’ project. The project aims to commemorate the contribution made by Jews to World War 2, focussing on their persecution and brave fight against the Germans. As a result, the Premier League Football club has adopted the Lancaster in the name of the Jewish people who served in the RAF and flew the aircraft with Bomber Command. The bomber is the first of a diverse collection to be adopted. 

Each of the 50 objects up for grabs in the programme has a fascinating history. As a result of the adoption, anybody who contributes to the programme will receive several commemorative artefacts to thank them for their involvement. These include a digital adoption certificate, a photograph of the adopted artefact and regular updates. 

Adopted Lancaster
Adopted Lancaster on display at the Royal Air Force Museum, Cosford. Source: RAF Museum

Chelsea FC’s adoption of the Lancaster bomber is made in its continuing support of Jewish personnel in World War 2 and also further supports its own campaign of ‘Say No To Antisemitism’. Since the start of the campaign, Chelsea has communicated the importance of education in understanding history and changing attitudes, using its platform to spread awareness. Bruce Buck, Chairman of the football club, said, “There can be no place in our society for antisemitism or any form of discrimination – and we are determined to join with others to tackle this vital cause.” The adoption of the Lancaster Bomber will extend the club’s partnership with the Royal Air Force Museum, as well as contribute to the exhibition of the aircraft. 

Maggie Appleton, CEO and spokesperson for the RAF museum, said, “The RAF Museum is committed to sharing the RAF story and with support from Chelsea and individuals through the ‘Adopt an Artefact’ programme, we can continue sharing fascinating stories – a powerful window to the past through which we can make links to today and inspire future generations.” 

For more information regarding the ‘Adopt An Artefact’ programme, please visit the Royal Air Force Museum website: https://www.rafmuseum.org.uk/

Adopt an Artefact Logo
Adopt an Artefact Logo. Source: RAF Museum

All pictures courtesy of the Royal Air Force  Museum