In late June the RAF Museum announced that several of its aircraft that had been on display at the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester will be offered on loan to other museums, following the decision — first stated in 2015 — to close down the aviation hall at the Manchester site.

Five significant airframes will now be looking for new homes, including the RAFM’s Avro Shackleton AEW2, WR960, which went on display in Manchester in 1983, a full eight years before the type was retired from RAF service. It is currently the only complete Shackleton on display under cover in the UK.

Two other Avro aircraft, the delta-wing research 707A WZ736 and 504K G-ABAA, will be easier for prospective recipients to house, as will English Electric P1A WG763. A Yokosuka Ohka II — one of four surviving in the UK — is also available. The Bristol Belvedere HC1, XG454, which had been on show in Manchester has already been allocated to The Helicopter Museum at Weston-super-Mare. Expressions of interest for those seeking the loan of these aircraft have until 24 August to apply.