Rare Moynet Jupiter flies again in Angers

The unusual Moynet Jupiter F-BLKY, pictured outside the museum at Angers, flew again following a 20-year restoration on 30 July.

Following a 20-year restoration, the Espace Air Passion museum’s Moynet 360-6 Jupiter, F-BLKY, flew again at Angers Loire Airport on 30 July.

The Jupiter was designed by the World War Two Normandie- Niémen Yak-3 fighter pilot and politician André Moynet. F-BLKY, the second prototype, first flew on 23 May 1965, but the 290hp Lycoming-powered five-to-seven-seat executive transport failed to gain any orders, and only two prototypes were built. The first prototype, a 200hp four-to-fiveseater, had flown on 17 December 1963, and is now part of the reserve collection at the Musée de l’Air in Paris.