Raytheon awarded F-15 Eagle radar contract

Raytheon has been awarded a multi-billion-dollar contract for the production, modernisation and delivery of the APG-82 radar system for the F-15 Eagle multi-role strike fighter, with work expected to be completed in 2036.

According to a June 9 announcement by the US Department of Defense, the US$3.12bn contract currently does not have any delivery orders for Foreign Military Sales (FMS) but does allow for future FMS orders in future.

The APG-82 AESA radar was first tested ahead of integration onto the F-15 Eagle in 2010. US DoD

Known as F-15 Radar Eagle Vision, the APG-82 active electronically scanned array (AESA) system was first delivered in 2010 as part of an effort to replacing the existing APG-70 system.

At the time, Boeing, which received the first APG-82 radar from Raytheon for testing, said that the upgrade resulted in improved radar reliability, maintainability and performance, as well as reduced support costs.

In addition, when integrated into the F-15E weapons system, the AESA radar will improve detection and tracking of enemy targets, Boeing stated.