Reach Airports appoints Andrew O’Brian as new CEO

The appointee has a vast amount of experience in senior roles within the aviation sector

Reach Airports – the joint venture between Munich International’s (MAI) US arm and CAG Holdings – has appointed Andrew O’Brian as its new chief executive officer.

He will assume the role on August 1, 2021.

Over the past few decades, O’Brian has taken on multiple leadership roles within the aviation industry. With this experience, it is hoped he will help provide management, consulting and training services to hubs in the North American market.

Munich Airport
Photo Munich Airport 

“He has a track record of developing best-in-class airport organisations that provide premium service to clients and customers – this is exactly the calibre we are looking for to further build up Reach Airports as a strategic partner to airports, airlines and the public,” said Ralf Gaffal, managing director at MAI. “Together we will bring Munich Airport’s operational expertise and outstanding consulting and training approach to shape the US’ aviation infrastructure for the future demands in mobility.”

Amit Rikhy, president and CEO at CAG Holdings, also expressed that he is pleased “a respected expert in aviation” is assuming the position.

Currently, O’Brian is the president and CEO of Quiport, which consists of running operations at Ecuador’s Quito International Airport. Alongside this, he was part of a team of lenders, investors, developers and engineers to construct Greenfield International in the city.

Under his leadership, the hub has received more than 20 industry and passenger achievements. Last year, it was awarded a five star Skytrax rating – the first in the Americas region to do so.

Additionally, he is the president of the Airports Council International (ACI) Latin America/Caribbean regional body, sits on the ACI World governing board and is vice chair for the international panel of the American Association of Airport Professionals.

Andrew O’Brian said he is “delighted” to be joining Reach Airports later this year.

He added: “I look forward to building on CAG’s and Munich Airport International’s previous global success, to now lead unique and exciting airport operations, consulting and training opportunities; all tailored to the North American market and following our vision to operate throughout the Americas region.”

Previous to joining Quito, the new executive officer was the CEO of Aerodom in the Dominican Republic.