Repercussions from Boeing 737 MAX delivery delays

Airlines are having to change fleet plans to cope with delivery delays of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.

Ryanair said in February 2024 that it will receive 17 fewer Boeing 737 MAX aircraft than planned by the end of June. The Irish low-cost carrier in January said it expected to receive 57 737-8s by midsummer, but that only 40 will be handed over by then.

This is due to the effect of ongoing supply-chain challenges, and reduced output given the wider quality-control issue affecting the MAX.

Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary said: “We are very disappointed at these latest Boeing delivery delays, but we continue to work with Boeing to maximise the number of new 737 aircraft we receive by the end of June, which we can confidently release for sale to customers during the Summer ’24 peak.”


Separately, United Airlines noted in a US Securities and Exchange Commission Form 10-K filing in February 2024: “Due to the delay of the certification of the 737 MAX 10 aircraft and continued supply chain issues, the company currently expects a reduction in deliveries from Boeing during the next couple of years, which has caused the company to rework its fleet plan and may impact our financial position, results of operations and cash flows.”

United had expected 80 737 MAX 10 deliveries in 2024 and a further 71 in 2025. All have been delayed. The Form 10-K says: “Due to the delay in the certification of the 737 MAX 10 aircraft, we are unable to accurately forecast the expected delivery period.”