Restored Bücker ready to fly in Spain

An example of the CASA-built version of the famous trainer is ready for flight

CASA-built Bücker 1.131H D-2 EC-MCP carried out a successful taxi on January 8 at Cuatro Vientos, Madrid following a meticulous Fundación Infante de Orléans (FIO) restoration. It may have made its debut post-restoration flight by the time these words are read.

Built under license by CASA in the early 1940s at its factory in Puntales, Cadiz, the biplane is equipped with an original four-cylinder 105hp Hirth 504 engine. It’s part of the first series built by CASA powered by the German unit, which was later replaced by the more powerful ENMASA Tigre G-IV.

Having served the Spanish Air Force as E.3B-198, its remains were acquired by an FIO member who subsequently sent many years restoring it. It has been completed in the Spanish Civil War colours of '33-26'.

CASA-built Bücker EC-MCP taxiing on January 8
CASA-built Bücker EC-MCP taxiing on January 8 Roberto Yáñez