Riga seeks investment in cargo complex development

We have made extensive investment in infrastructure
 Laila Odiņa 

Riga Airport has announced an international tender for potential investors in a new multi-functional cargo handling and logistics complex.

The Latvian facility is offering investors the opportunity to acquire building rights for 30 years on a plot of land in an area of 1.5 hectares in the northern part of the airport territory, where it is developing RIX Cargo City, a new cargo handling area.

According to the tender’s terms of reference, the investor will be required to build an air cargo handling and logistics centre with an area of no less than 4,000m2 , as well as any related infrastructure, that will be able to provide handling of a minimum of 5,000 tonnes of cargo per year. However, the size of the plot makes it suitable for a larger construction of up to 9,000m .

The airport has invited experienced investors to participate in the tender – applicants must be air cargo companies with at least three years of continuous experience in the business over the last five years.

“Riga already offers multi-modal logistics solutions, high-quality service and a favourable co-operation platform,” said Laila Odiņa, chairperson of the board of Riga Airport. “To be even more attractive to investors and carriers, we have made extensive investments in the development of modern and sustainable cargo handling infrastructure.”

The plot of land offered to investors is next to the airport’s new cargo handling apron, which began operations in October. The 95,000m2 apron is connected to RIX Cargo City and its multi-functional aircraft stands enable flexible planning of aircraft layout and accommodation of even the largest class F and E models. An underground refuelling hydrant system provides increased fuel capacity and improved service speed, as well as reducing the risk of environmental pollution. 

Riga’s cargo turnover accounts for more than half of the total turnover in the Baltic States, with 27,200 tonnes handled by the airport in 2019. The total annual cargo handling capacity of RIX Cargo City is expected to exceed 60,000 tonnes.