Romania confirms the intention of purchasing Norway’s F-16s

Via a letter signed by the Romanian parliament on December 20, the acquisition of 32 ex Norwegian F-16 Fighting Falcons was approved.

The estimated budget of Romania is €454m and the Norwegian share of this is to be determined by further negotiations.  Deliveries of the aircraft are scheduled to start in 2023 and conclude in 2024.

Now that Romania has decided to buy Norwegian F-16s, the Norwegian Defense Materiel Agency will commence detailing and finalizing the contract between the two nations.

Luftforsvaret/ RNOAF F-16B Fighting Falcon serial 693. Luftforsvaret

The F-16s will undergo maintenance before they are handed over to Romania. The resale of the F-16s requires approval from the US and from the Ministry of Foreign affairs.

It was in 2019 that the Ministry of Defense commissioned The Norwegian Defense Materiel Agency to dispose of the F-16 system within current regulations in the most favorable way for the country. This due to the F-35A taking the reins of front-line operations for Norway.  

Director of the Norwegian Defense Materiel Agency, Mette Sørfonden said: "The process for selling this type of military equipment to other nations is extensive, and there have also been several players in the market. I am therefore very pleased that Romania has now decided to buy our F-16 aircraft. Our fighter jets are among the best maintained in the world and they have been regularly upgraded. I am sure that our aircraft will serve Romania well for a number of years to come. "