Russia Government SS100s and L-410s

The Russian Government has approved RUB 5 billion of funding for the acquisition of Sukhoi SSJ100 airliners and Aircraft Industries L-410UVP-E20 turboprop commuter planes by the Ministry of Transport. All of the aircraft will be handed over to State Transport Leasing Company GTLK, which will lease the aircraft to Russian airlines. SSJ100 procurement is priced at RUB 4 billion for 22 aircraft to be delivered through 2017.

GTLK has already fully paid for ten other SSJ100s to be leased to domestic airlines.

Manufacture of the L-410UVP-E20s will be done by UZGA in Yekaterinburg from kits supplied by Aircraft Industries based in the Czech Republic. A contract signed between UZGA and GTLK on November 30 valued at RUB 2 billion covers five aircraft. Half the funding is provided by the Ministry of Transport and the other half by the markets. The first L-410UVP-E20 will be assembled at UZGA in 2017. Alexander Mladenov