Russia orders two Mi-38s for VIP role

Russian Helicopters announced on August 26 at the ARMY 2020 International Military-Technical Forum, held near Moscow, that the Russian Federation Ministry of Defence (MOD) has ordered two VIP Kazan Helicopters Mi-38 rotorcraft.

The Mi-38 has an aluminium alloy fuselage with component parts made of steel, titanium and composite materials. Its six-blade main rotor provides high thrust and low vibration levels according to Russian Helicopters. The blades are also equipped with an anti-icing system. The blades’ single rotor is driven by two Russian made TV7-117V engines which have dust and air purification protection.  Russian Helicopters also states that the Mi-38’s X-shaped tail rotor gives the helicopter excellent handling and a low noise level. The range of the transport version is up to 1,200km using additional fuel tanks.

Mi-38 [Russian Helicopters]
Russia's Mi-38 heavy-lift utility helicopter in flight. Russian Helicopters

“The fact that our customers are interested in Mi-38 confirms that we have chosen the right concept, where the helicopter belongs to a segment between Mi-26 and Mi-8," said Russian Helicopters director general, Andrey Boginsky.

The Mi-38 cockpit has five liquid crystal displays screens and a satellite navigation system. With a maximum take-off of 15.6 tonnes, the helicopter can accommodate 5 tonnes of payload on board or on an external sling. The first serial production Mi-38 was unveiled at the MAKS-2019 International Aviation and Space Salon. In February 2020, the first serial production VIP Mi-38 was handed over to Gazprombank Leasing. The Russian MOD has already received two Russian Helicopter Mi-38T transport and troop landing helicopters which are undergoing operational tests with the armed forces.